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  Hi from Gina Cerise, owner of Geyser Records.

My dad was a member of the Fireballs. He wrote songs, played the guitar and sang. Just like me!!

His band included Joe Pesci who is a great song writer.

My dad had to leave the band or leave my mom...he chose my mom, obviously!! So here I am to honor my dad's legacy.

Joe Pesci wrote many songs for my dad's new band: The Cerise Family Showcase, 1969.

You can see a photo of this band in Geyser Artists. It was me, my three brothers and my sister Michelle. What an interesting childhood:)

My favorite mentor was Tommy DeVito of the Four Seasons. He had the most impact on my writing ability. I learned the most from Tommy. I am the living extension of the Four Seasons sound. Tommy DeVito wrote Rag Doll.

I have great memories being on stage and producing songs. I have worked with the finest musicians this side of heaven.

There are many creative projects that I enjoy but my favorite is my company Dial A Rose.

With a song in my heart and the rose as my soul, I am willing and able to produce and direct starlets who need some direction.

I can write or re write anything and put it into the proper structure. Bridges are my specialty and I notice that a lot of newbies do not always include this as part of their exciting song.

I still write songs for myself but I mostly enjoy the artist development of others.